To Sue, Too Soon

To Sue, Too Soon

i first remember how it felt
breaking through the astroid belt
the time i spent looking out
and wondering what it meant 
to love anyone bent on poison and pearls 

she was a friend of Johanna Scott’s 
they go way back to before the internet 
when stories blew noise 
through a breeze
the keys of something blue and beautiful too

poor, poor Susan she was a clock
she never stuck around to watch
she had smile that made you smile
she didn’t care for you that much 
my girl Susan 
she is a dream
she is a god 
she is a
almighty Susan she was a lot
but beautiful she was not 

they found a bible in her hand
and dandelions in her hair
and a note addressed
‘My good friends, 
what friends we never were’
good god 
lay down
if the wind breaks my wings
good job i have a job
good god i’m good at drinking 

if Sue i’m to ever meet you
whether it be at the gates of heaven
or the fires of hell
well i wouldn’t mind just to see you again
i took a walk that day
picked up a pack of cigarettes
ate a burger 
drank a beer
kissed my girl farewell
farewell to sue
too soon
to sue
too soon