A Most Unwelcome Encounter

A Most Unwelcome Encounter 

dragonfly in your jar made of glass
oh how i seize when you catch my eye
creature thing you are something like me
i too await a forgiving king
now breach the great wide open space
showcase those wings sweet dragonfly

fables told i’d achieve total grace
with a sharpened sword and a helping hand
in silence i unveil my crooked spin
and strike my pose

from the stars that hang above me
to the edge of the horizon 
atop my ivory tower
i could see for miles
i blew a kiss and i waved goodbye 
as i began to fly

only real dreamers make it this far

but all i ever wanted
flashed before my eyes
my dominion all in flames
as i was falling fast
the dragonfly just flew on by
and swear i heard it say

it’s been a most unwelcome encounter

took a step to be free
took a fool to believe

my pillow’s soaked in tears
and my brother’s well away
and normally i hate we share a room
but tonight
well that’s okay