On A Stage

On A Stage

here on a stage with no tricks up my sleeve
there's no trapdoor below and no strings moving me
keeping my eyes closed i'll open my heart
for a room full of haircuts to call it humanities art

and tomorrow i'll be king for the day
a new meaning to the words that i say
and all the bright eyes that never shine my way
will light me up

as bright as a star
igniting the moon
through the cracks in my heart
upon painted black sky
just like a parade
still born and high

now this is my last request don't expect me to return
if it all goes bad this is for good
and i'll be the one to admit i was wrong
but i'm right where i want it was here on this stage all along

and tomorrow when i'm king for the day
i'll lift myself out of the place
and all the bright minds that never shine for me
will lift me up

as high as a star
fire shimmering gold
through the cracks in my heart
above a treacle ocean
just like a parade
in slow motion

i used to be a little boy
that was made out of mud
and all of my friends
were worms and slugs
oh how we dreamt of new horizons
beyond the limits of our restrictions

as big as a sun
bares heavenly light
through the cracks in our skin
upon a vast open space
just like a parade
you'll see my face
then the curtain will fall

- Elijah James