There's A Place

There's A Place

There’s a place where I feel safe. 
It’s long abandoned, and quite obviously for a reason.
But there’s something there for me,
an essence of who I was
and the man I longed to be.
Like a temporary tomb
for playing dead. 
With all the cigarette butts and the empty cans of lager,
the broken records and the smell of ex girlfriends,
it serves only as a reminder
to forget sometimes.

We brand the cortex to haunt our every day,
not thinking or being,
just simply doing.
Still, I remain fearful I will forget the fool I was,
and become the fool I was seeing.

There’s a place where I feel safe,
but never used to.
I think of it sometimes, 
like right now.
I think of all the things that are said and done
and all the flies on the wall,
and on the cold chips in the corner
next to the stringless guitar,
who must have heard it all.
I think about them throwing up,
not the flies, but the drunken strangers,
the ones like me who didn’t give a f*ck.

Time doesn’t pass in the place I feel safe
because time scares me,
and time’s the reason I can’t go back.
Though I’m hungry for it all again,
I know
there’s no cure for that.

There’s a place where I feel safe. 
It’s full of non believers,
or so they believe.

- Elijah James